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The St. Clement’s School community believes that a Catholic school is one in which the teachings of Jesus Christ are integrated into the day-to-day curriculum and social fabric of school life. The strength of our school comes from the Catholic faith that the staff, students and community share. We aspire to have our students develop a way of living that embodies the life of Jesus Christ. 

The staff and students have many opportunities to pray and demonstrate their Catholic Faith. These opportunities include:  

  • Morning prayer assemblies 

  • Seasonal prayer services 

  • School-wide liturgies  

  • Celebration of the Sacraments of First Eucharist and Reconciliation for Grade 2 students  

  • Graduation Retreat for Grade 5 students

  • Participation in Saints' Houses 

Our Partners

Our Pastor, Father Ed Faliskie, as well as Father Bob Harrison and Father Arthur Tuttle, celebrate the liturgy and special prayer services with us. The St. Clement’s School community has a strong partnership with parish, school and home. 

Demonstrating our Faith

St. Clement’s School supports many charitable endeavors including: ​

  • Monthly donations to the food pantry 

  • Clothing donations 

  • St. Jude's Math-a-thon

  • Empty Stocking Project 

  • The Giving Tree 

  • Baby Bottles for Birth Right 

  • Baby Shower for Birth Right

  • Blankets & Sheets for the Homeless Shelters 

  • Emergency Relief Fund 

  • Ronald McDonald House

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