Address: 231 Lake Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 Phone: 518-584-7350

History of St. Clement's School

St. Clement’s Elementary School opened in 1918 under the guidance of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. The elementary school opened as a parish school serving the children from St. Clement’s Parish in grades K – 8.

In 1985, the St. Clement’s Board of Education was established to promote better organization and growth of the parish religious education program, the adult education program and St. Clement’s Elementary School. The board was restructured in 1987 and its sole focus was the elementary school.

In 1988, St. Peter’s Academy (K -8) merged with St. Clement’s Elementary School to establish St. Clement’s Regional Catholic School. The reorganization due to regionalization moved grades 7 and 8 from St. Peter’s Academy and St. Clement’s Elementary School to Saratoga Central Catholic High School.

In 2006, Grade 6 was moved to Saratoga Central Catholic High School to form a 6-7-8 Middle School.

St. Clement’s School currently serves students in Pre-K through Grade 5 with an Early Childhood Program.


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